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Rna In Vax’s ~ Never Before Done ~ Human Guinea Pigs R U

There are 72 common vaccines in the United States.

We have never ever used an mRNA vaccine ever.
We have RNA vaccines. Measles virus is an RNA virus. Polio is an RNA virus.
But the difference is that in those vaccines the virus is part of the vaccine wholly-intact.
When your body generates an antibody against a virus, it is against the outer coating proteins of that virus.

What we’re doing with this new vaccine is we’re taking a little piece of the covid viruses genetics. Specifically, we are taking the code associated with what’s called the Spike Protein. We’re injecting that into the body creating something called a ‘non-neutralizing antibody’ which, in essence, instead of taking that messenger RNA and gobbling it up and making it go away like what happens when you get a measles vaccine and you get a measles and it gobbles it up and it makes it go away, this non-neutralizing antibody actually creates something called antibody dependent enhancement. That’s often referred to as ADE.

An antibody dependent enhancement allows that little piece of messenger RNA to start replicating on its own. And it will. Over and over again, creating these little pieces of proteins inside of our body for our body to create an antibody against.

This is what will Bill Gates meant when he said “yeah, human beings can become their own little vaccine manufacturing machine.”

Because we interject this messenger RNA that binds onto your reverse transcriptase enzymes, and starts replicating itself over and over again creating more antibodies against the spike protein.

Here’s where it gets really interesting..
That spike protein has been shown in 2 other very specific ways to cause injury.

1.) When you create an antibody to that spike proteins..Antibodies are designed and when we write about them in literature we make it look like the letter Y. The two arms of the Y are called FAB fragments and the stem is the FAC fragments FAB are the ones that grab hold of the virus and generally neutralize it.

When you look at the messenger RNA it grabs hold of it but kind of loosely binds it and when this FAC fragment goes over and hooks onto the macrophage that’s supposed to kill it, and it gets taken inside and that messenger RNA gets released.

That’s where it starts to replicate over and over again. It’s like having an on-button but no off-button.

That whole thing, that whole Y mechanism I just described to you has a name. They call it Trojan horse mechanism. They call it this because it allows that virus and that piece of that virus to get inside of your cells, start to replicate, and even get inserted into other parts of your DNA as a Trojan horse.

That is one of three mechanisms.
2.) When you create this antibody, this non-neutralizing antibody, to the messenger RNA, (or that stem/FAC segment to that spike protein) can go into your lungs and attach to the lung tissue and start developing diffuse alveolar damage, which is diffuse injury to the cells inside of your lungs. Where. You. Breath!

It starts to break them down and destroy them. And what those antibodies do is they cause various degrees of puss and bleeding and damage to your lungs.

So, as you get this vaccine, this messenger RNA, you create an antibody, the antibody carries the thing inside of the cells through Trojan horse mechanism the antibody itself goes and starts to damage the lungs.

3.) And the even more sinister thing is that spike protein antibodies can attack your macrophage. Macrophage are a type of white blood cell that gobble up bacteria and bad viruses in your system that aren’t supposed to be there through your FH1 pathway, your hyper-vigilant white blood cells.

We get bacteria into our body all day long from eating, brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, having sex, so those white blood cells just come along and gobble things up and make them go away. There are 2 types of macrophages.

When you get pneumonia or some sort of serious infection the type 1 macrophages are pro-inflammatory and they show up at infection and start creating cytokines and blowing whistles and bringing all the things to try to kill off the infection. They are very aggressive and highly inflammatory, which is what you want!

The type 2 are anti-inflammatory so as you start to recover, the type 2 come in and tell the other guys “shut up we’re here to clean up the mess.” So, they clean up the debris, the dead white blood cells, and all these things.

So both those macrophages work together in concert type 1 -kill off infection and type 2-heal it.
When you’ve got this antibody to the spike protein, which is the full intent and purpose of this entire vaccine, that antibody kills your type 2 macrophages. It attaches to them and inactivates them.

So, in the experimental animals that died of lung infection and inflammation when they sacrificed them..what they found was that all of the lungs were filled up with all of these type 1 pro-inflammatory, highly cytokine types of macrophages and zero type 2 macrophages.
What they did when sacrificing these animals that had not been vaccinated but had been sick, they found that within two days of getting sick without the antibody, without the vaccine, the type 2 macrophages had come into the infection and started cleaning up the mess and started healing it as long as they didn’t have the presence of a spiked antibody.

With the presence of a spiked antibody it killed them and didn’t allow them to do their job.
So, those are 3 of probably 7 mechanisms of how this vaccine is going to cause a problem.
1.) Antibodies to the spike protein are going to destroy your lungs. 2.) The antibody to the spike protein is going to shut off your M2 anti-inflammatory macrophages. 3.) The antibody to the spike protein is going to loosely bind the virus, or loosely bind the messenger RNA, and drag it inside of your cell through a Trojan horse phenomenon, making it start replicating and having this process go on and on and on because it is an on-button without an off-button.