Why This Site?


This site is to present an educational and informational center so that all sides of the vaccine debate can be presented with both traditional and alternative news from professionals, institutions, academicians and individual opinons as to be better informed which vaccines, if any, to vaccinate your children with.

In February 2015, California lawmakers are proposing mandatory vaccination requirement for attending all CA public and private schools for the Fall 2015/16. If this passes into law parents will have no choice, or right, to decide whether to vaccinate or not if they wish their child to attend public or private schooling in the state.

It will also set precedent that government institutions hold final power and say over what is good for your children and could lead to increased mandatory vaccines in the future.

All have a right, and moral obligation, to inform themselves of what ingredients are in each vaccine, any side effects, pending lawsuits and both the pro’s and con’s of vaccinating your family from a wide variety of sources.

Community commentary, local articles and personal points of view are welcome on this site as long as the language and tone is respectful and does not contain profanity.


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