CDC Scheming For Another Autism Scandal Or Cover-up?

There’s an old adage that states, “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.”  Well, it seems the CDC is having trouble figuring out the latest statistics regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and has put off its latest stats report, which was to have been released March 30, 2018!

According to Big League Politics, there’s trouble at CDC on trying to agree on the latest ASD statistics, so their report will be postponed until they can agree on “consensus science” [1, 2] rather than actual, factual science sometime in late April or May.

Serious number crunching may have to take place since two previous CDC reports stated one in 68 U.S. children suffer with autism, whereas, independent reports place the figure at one in 36!

According to Big League Politics,

The new report is now expected to change the criteria for judging what constitutes autism.

The numbers currently rely on so-called DSM IV codes for determining mental health disorders.

The new report is set to switch to using updated DSM V codes, according to insiders.


Ah, reminiscent shades of what “colluders” and “consensus science” apparently did in reclassifying polio a couple of times in order to report favorable ‘efficacy’ rates for polio vaccines but, furthermore, to deflect from the reality that the oral polio vaccine given by the Gates Foundation in India actually caused 47,500 cases of polio, which “consensus science” renamed and classified as “Acute Flaccid Paralysis” – not polio after receiving the polio vaccine!  Oh the semantic games they play!

Will the new Autism report eventually wind up experiencing the past histories of other ‘statistical’ reports, e.g.:

  • June, 2000 The CDC Verstraeten study found vaccines cause autism, but a special Simpsonwood meeting [3] was called where 52 top honchos from CDC, FDA, Big Pharma and the World Health Organization discussed how to change and actually sent CDC epidemiologist Verstraeten back “to the drawing boards” to rework his data, which finally came up with the results the CDC wanted.
  • The Frank DeStefano 2004 Study, which Dr. William Thompson, PhD, blew the whistle on regarding the MMR vaccine causing Autism in young black boys less than three years old, but was sanitized to delete and physically discard those data sets. VAXXED documentary [4]
  • Some of the CDC’s Coleen Boyle, PhD, Agent Orange studies “Why are the same people who failed at science on Agent Orange in charge of vaccine safety and developmental disorders at CDC?  Plus Boyle’s involvement in the illegally-gotten Danish data and information that produced the Thorsen Vaccines-don’t-cause-Autism study.

Of course, there’s the CDC accepting and reporting fraudulent vaccine efficacies to the world-at-large:

The still-unsettled, and unsettling, qui tam court case in Philadelphia Federal Court in which Merck and Company is charged by two employees with fudging the Mumps active in their MMR vaccine for about ten years, to the point of adding rabbit blood antibodies to get a 100% efficacy rate! (Source)

Will CDC’s past statistical shenanigans become prologue for the new Autism statistics?

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