Once Upon A Time There Were Aluminum-free Adjuvant Vaccines: What Happened?

Do you realize that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines do not require clinical approval?  It’s the vaccine that gets approval—that’s the technicality as delineated by various independent vaccine researchers!

That being said, aluminum is a nerve toxin with neurotoxic adverse effects and probable “cause and effect” associations for various diseases, most notably Multiple Sclerosis, where the myelin sheath is destroyed.

Another life-altering disease, as clinically established by French researchers and doctors at Henri Mondor Hospital in Paris, France, is MMF (Macrophagic Myofasciitis, a rare muscle disease) which Henri Mondor has become a focal research center for due to researchers there confirming the findings that aluminum in vaccines is the apparent “cause and effect,” especially high-aluminum-adjuvant vaccines like a HPV (Human papilloma virus) vaccine, which have caused severe life-altering, adverse health reactions in young girls, and boys too!

Each 0.5-mL dose of the vaccine also contains approximately 500 mcg of aluminum (provided as AAHS), 9.56 mg of sodium chloride, 0.78 mg of L-histidine, 50 mcg of polysorbate 80, 35 mcg of sodium borate, <7 mcg yeast protein, and water for injection.


Researchers at Mondor notified the U.S. CDC that MMF may be caused by vaccines/vaccinations.  I wonder what the CDC did with that research.

Aluminum hydroxide is the most popular of four formulations of aluminum that can be used in vaccines.  It was made available in 1927, when it was ‘thought’ to be ‘safe’ with no updated scientific safety studies!  Talk about modern medicine and pharmacology living in the past, but propagandizing they are “state of the art” medicine!

Historically, aluminum seems to have gotten a “clean slate” which, like the microwave industry, relies on antiquated documentation because recent research would declare both microwaves and aluminum as neurotoxins!  Here’s some of that ancient aluminum research, which needs updating in the minds of big business:

  • 1854: Aluminum concluded as a harmless metal
  • 1886: Aluminum cooking utensils approved
  • 1891: Two German scientists said aluminum could be eroded into food during cooking

In 1997 the aluminum adjuvant was tested in the USA using a radioactive isotope of aluminum injected into TWO rabbits and then measuring the level of radioactive aluminum the rabbits excreted in their urine.  After 28 days, only 6% of the aluminum was excreted; 94% remained in the rabbits!  Now here’s the apparent skullduggery involved in that research:  Researchers “lost” the rabbits bones, the biological site where aluminum is stored, and it is suggested the bones were destroyed!  Two rabbits; 28 day study with no further research and no one can find the specimens, which should have been catalogued.  Interesting?  Another story based upon the above rabbits is that the World Health Organization apparently compounded the aluminum adjuvant problem further by applying the two-rabbit-28-day-research to humans, which only muddied the ‘science’ that much further.

Aluminum, or aluminium as known elsewhere, is a very biologically reactive material, which needs to be removed from vaccines, medicine, and the chemical mix being sprayed in Solar Radiation Management (SRM) aka “chemtrails”.

However, Henri Mondor researchers have documented—and catalogued—a library of aluminum and MMF patients’ information.  As a result, that hospital has gained the reputation as an expert resource for researching both.  Researchers at Mondor have been taking biopsies of deltoid muscles, where vaccines usually are given, and found aluminum lodged within those muscles, plus those patients biopsied also presented MMF symptoms and deteriorating health, often for numerous years without proper diagnoses!

Historically, there was a time when French vaccine maker Pasteur Institute used a safe and aluminum-free adjuvant in its vaccines?  What happened?  Sanofi purchased Pasteur and…

Calcium phosphate: a substitute for aluminum adjuvants?

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