Enormous Profiteering by Doctors Pushing Vaccines

I thought you’d be interested in an article published in a Family Practice Journal about how a doctor can get rich dumping vaccines in children.

No wonder the medical profession is so pro vaccine. They have a vested interest, even aside from Pharma’s corrupt interest.

Note the emphasis on the “bottom line”.

Please note that the doctor chasing and collecting butterflies in the image. The butterflies are paper dollars! This image should tell you everything you need to know, and how the Pharma whores are using medical doctors as literal pimps for their wares.

I’m surprised that the detractors of integrative medicine have not come up with this image clearly revealing the corrupt motives described. I am shocked that they published it.

I am giving you the link to the article at the bottom of this post. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) sponsors the journal. I quit this organization many years ago, finding it to be a basic stalwart of Pharma based conventional medicine.

I would also like you to see some comments from a discussion group of interested health professionals. I have removed identifying names.
Please comment if you are so moved.

Doctor A
If a 2 month well baby takes 15 minutes you could have a $1200 plus per hour revenue stream.

Doctor B
Thank you for sharing this, John Doe, and for the important point that $1200 per hour of revenue can be earned for vaccinating four 2-month olds back-to-back. I would say you are being quite conservative, however, with your allotment of 15 min. per patient. I think many practices have reduced to less than 15 minutes per patient, making vaccine administration even more profitable for pediatricians.

Doctor C
Not to mention the insurance bonus of $400/patient. Article is from 2015. Were the bonuses started after?

Doctor E
Check out the video. Talk about crooked. He must be taking his own medicine.

Doctor F
Sorry, how are you folks getting to $1200 per hour? And that’s gross revenue, not profit, yes?

Doctor G
$300 x 4 (15 min each) = $1200 gross. But as Laura points out, the real amount is likely at least twice that for 1 doctor or nurse practitioner. Multiply that by all the vaccinating docs in a ped practice, that’s a lot of money generated per hour just by vaccination. If a practice just did 4 per hour, that’s $48,000/40 hr week, $2,400,000/50 weeks (allowing 2 wks for holiday closure).

Doctor H
OY. I am a member of AAFP. That article was mind-numbing. And, pathetic. The author was so proud of how he shopped for cheap vaccines.


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