Personal Vaccine Injury Stories

Personal Vaccine Injury Stories

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Welcome! We recently created the Vaccine Failure Wall as a way for the community to share their experiences with vaccine failure. Vaccines can sometimes fail to provide protection against the infectious disease they were designed to prevent. Do you have a vaccine failure story to share? Click here to complete our Vaccine Failure Reporting Form.  Your personal identity will be kept confidential.

Below you will also find stories shared by others that are listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the top. You’re among the first to visit our Vaccine Failure Wall, so it may take a couple weeks for the initial stories to post. We appreciate your patience as this new feature of our website begins to  document the public’s stories!

If you had a reaction to a vaccine or have been the subject of vaccine harassment, please click here to access those reporting options.

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Date Posted: Nov 19, 2015 Failure
I was diagnosed with stage 1B Cervical cancer in Nov 2015 at age 31. I was exposed to HPV 16 in my early 20’s. One Pap was abnormal, required a colposcopy biopsy. No leep or cone biopsy procedure was necessary as my HPV infection healed on it’s own as they monitored me throughout the next several months. The clinic gave me all 3 rounds of the Gardasil vaccination even though I had cleared the virus on my own. I was unaware that injecting this vaccine into my body after I was previously exposed to HPV 16 could potentially increase my risk of cancer. Here I am today, a young, extremely healthy individual with cancer that I was trying to avoid! Seems suspicious. . . Especially since I was part of the first generation of older women to get the shot after FDA approval. We were all guinea pigs and the data is just now materializing 8-10 years later- the exact amount of time it takes for cancer to metastasize. The correlation is there and should be further studied because I doubt I was the only girl in that situation then, facing this brutal outcome today.
Date Posted: Oct 28, 2015 Failure
My oldest daughter had received 4 DTaP vaccines, was fully vaccinated as recommended for Pertussis, and she caught and brought home Pertussis within 2 months of starting school. Complete and utter failure. She was more than 1-2 years away from her next recommended DTaP. It had only been 1 year since her last DTaP vaccine. She now is very high in the heavy metal and known neurotoxin Aluminum, and she has the autoimmune disease vitiligo. She brought Pertussis home to my 1 year old daughter, whom I chose not to vaccine due to my husband and daughter’s genetic predisposition to autoimmune disease (terrible allergies & asthma & vitiligo). Both of my daughters took an antibiotic after testing postitive for Pertussis via lab sample. They of course were kept home until well and both recovered quickly. Vaccine status did not matter. My oldest, vaccinated daughter was always sick more and sick longer than my unvaccinated daughter, even though my unvaccinated daughter was younger. My oldest is the only child who ever had fluid in her lungs following any illness. Now, I have another unvaccinated daughter. My 2 unvaccinated daughters are never sick, and they have no allergies, asthma or autoimmune disease. My youngest daughter is almost 16 months old and has never been on an antibiotic. My oldest daughter has allergies to milk, eggs, and severe allergy to gluten along with her autoimmune disease vitiligo. I will not trade possible protection from acute illness for chronic disease. I know how to strengthen my children’s immune defenses through the best nutrition, so that they are protected from all infectious & chronic disease, not just possibly protected from the ones for which there exists a vaccine.
Date Posted: Sep 23, 2015 Failure
In 1997 I was required to get several vaccines in order to begin college in Ohio. A doctor screened me and when he found out I had never had chicken pox, he told me I would have to come in two times for the varicella vaccine. I was 18 and happy to have it because I was worried about getting chicken pox as an adult. I felt a little under the weather especially following the second shot but nothing major. Six years later my brother who was unvaccinated and had also never had chicken pox as a child caught chicken pox from a friend’s child. I was staying at his house and tried to take precautions to stay away from him even though I had been vaccinated. Two weeks later, just as I was becoming sure that the chicken pox vaccine had protected me, I started feeling feverish. By the next morning I was covered with red spots especially on my face, some of which pussed over and blistered, leaving scars. It was clear that it was chicken pox even though I did not go to a doctor’s office and have it laboratory tested and confirmed I would not leave the house for two weeks as I looked like a plague victim with red spots on every part of my body but especially my torso and face. Some blistered and I wanted to scratch them so I soaked in oatmeal baths for hours. I was 24 years old and this 6 years after I had recieved two doses of the varicella vaccine to “protect” me.


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