The car is the waiting room for drive-through flu shot clinic

Unlike at typical flu clinics, there were fire trucks and police cars standing by at the Glynn County Health Department because it had always been planned as an exercise to test response to a disaster in which massive public vaccinations were required.

Both the Glynn County and Brunswick police and fire departments had officers and equipment on the scene, and Glynn County Emergency Management Director Capt. Jay Wiggins was there.

1 thought on “The car is the waiting room for drive-through flu shot clinic

  1. Whatever you do, DON’T TAKE THE SHOT(S). This is pure New World Order totalitarian-minded stuff. TPTB are doing their damnedest to inject as many of us as they possibly can with toxins, including (besides an anti-fertility substance for the females) potentially a GM bacteriophage designed to do us in, under their command. This is satanic stuff, pure and simple. Don’t fall for it. Hide in the hills if you have to. These people are evil. Don’t give them the satisfaction of ‘marking’ you.

    There is a better world on the other side of this Great Divide. Be there, and be proud that you made it, and with your loved ones.


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