Vaccines and Vaccinations – The Need for Congressional Investigation

January 12, 2011
Via Submitted via Email/Internet by Catherine J Frompovich~~
~Congressional investigation of the NEUROTOXIC adjuvants, excipients, and growthmedium in vaccines and vaccinations, e.g., mercury–a hazmat (Thimerosal),formaldehyde–an EPA-declared carcinogen, aluminum–a neurotoxin damaging thebrain and central nervous system, polysorbate 80–induces sterility in lab rats, MSG–anexcitotoxin that excites brain glial cells so much so that they can self-destruct, abortedfetal (diploid) cells, plus foreign species DNA (pig, chick, monkey, insect) andnumerous other ingredients that are causing severe health damage to infants, toddlers,teens (HPV vaccines), adults, and senior citizens.All this, plus peer review research, charts, and government documents, is documentedin the 120-page monograph Vaccines & Vaccinations: The Need for CongressionalInvestigation that will be provided to you and the health committees of the 112thCongress.The cost of USA healthcare directly is impacted by the health damage these vaccinesare producing, especially in young children. Congress must investigate vaccines per seand their toxic ingredients that are combined (8 or more antigens/diseases in onevaccination) that damages 4-month and 6-month old infants brains, central nervoussystem, and overall long range health. Many vaccines are linked to the precipitous risein childhood diabetes. Congress must do something about poisons and toxins invaccines that are mandated to be injected into children starting at BIRTH.I am the editor of Vaccines & Vaccinations: The Need for Congressional Investigation.I’d be pleased to meet with you and staffers in Washington, DC. Thank you for readingthis and giving it consideration.~~~The above is the text copied and pasted from the submission site for a congressionalinvestigation of vaccines and vaccinations submitted by Catherine J Frompovich

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